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SIP Telephones

SIP-Phone-2SIP telephones, along with a great hosted service, offer much more flexibility to your small business. We offer voicemail, voicemail to email, music on hold, auto attendant, intercom and much more. Click here to open up a pdf of the brochure. Ever needed to work from home and have all the features of being at your office? With SIP, you can plug your office phone into your high speed internet at home and it’s just like you are at the office. You can transfer calls to other extensions at the office, put customers on hold and make outgoing calls from your business phone number. Watch the video to see how great SIP technology can work for you.

Jive Core System Demo | Jive Communications

Benefits of SIP Trunking:

  • Reduced costs: A single connection is used for both your voice traffic and your data.
  • Efficiency: A single connection dynamically allocates bandwidth between voice and data as needed.
  • Growth: It’s easy to increase your call capacity with additional SIP trunks, as they are provisioned quickly through the Internet, usually in minutes, using your existing broadband connection.
  • Better customer service: Deliver better customer service and enhance productivity with a phone system that is integrated with business applications and rich multimedia services such as video, instant messaging, presence, and mobility services.
  • Simplicity: Manage a single network connection with SIP trunking and get one bill from a single provider for local and long distance, as well as broadband Internet needs.
  • Geographic independence: Your business area code can appear to be local, but your office can be physically located in another area of the country when using SIP trunking.

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