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Panasonic Telephone Systems

The KX-TA824 is the most cost-effective hybrid telephone system in Panasonic’s lineup, making it a great choice for residential and commercial applications. It offers many features of the more advanced systems with plenty of room to grow. It will expand to 24 extensions and 8 telephone lines with features like intercom, music on hold, caller ID, doorphones, voicemail, and much more. Click here to open up a pdf of the brochure.
The KX-TDA50G is a great option for the small to medium sized business. This system can support up to 48 extensions and 12 analog telephone lines. It offers many features including cell stations for wireless phones, IP phones/softphones, and built in caller ID. Click here to open up a pdf of the brochure.
The KX-NCP500/1000 Panasonic systems have all of the features of the systems above but with more versatility. You have the option to have digital, IP, SIP, and wireless phones all in one system. With up to 172 extensions and 128 CO lines its sure to meet the growth of your company. Many of the competitors only offer one choice; with Panasonic you have it all. Click here to open up a pdf of the brochure.

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