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Flat Screen Television

Flat Screen Television Aren’t you tired of looking at a bunch of wires? Burroughs Systems can mount your TV and hide all your wires in the wall to give you that neat and clean look you want.  We can provide wall mounts, HDMI cables and many accessories that will save you time and money.

If you really want to eliminate clutter and wiring, we can relocate all of your components out of site with an IR kit (Infrared Repeater Kit). An IR kit allows you to use an existing infrared remote control to operate audio and video components located behind closed doors or walls, in an entertainment cabinet or equipment closet.

Flat Screen TelevisionWe also install HD projectors with many mounting and screen options.  Typical screen sizes vary from 80″ – 200″ with screens that are fixed, retractable, or motorized.

Call us if you need:

  • Professional installation of flat screen LCD TV, Plasma TV, 3D HDTV, LED TV, and HD Projectors
  • Components, wiring, and compatible system design
  • IR kits
  • Universal Remotes
  • Custom remote programming
  • User Training

Manufacturers We Represent:

Manufacturers We Represent
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